Bike Theft

Is a major problem in Metro Denver

Registering your bicycles is part of the process to protect it from theft

Bicycle Registration

Registering your Bicycle is Free!

Here’s the Link to Register Your Bicycle:

Bicycle Locks

Buy the Best Lock You Can Afford

Don’t Buy A Cable Lock, They’re Easy To Cut

Why Tackle This Regionally?

Better Chance of Recovering Your Bicycle

Reduces Bicycle Thefts by as much as 50%

Champion Bike Safety & Security

Our mission is to promote bike safety and security by raising awareness, providing resources, and advocating for better infrastructure and policies.


Collaborate Regionally

A bicycle forward plan to collaborate regionally can include initiatives such as shared bike networks, coordinated events, and information sharing that will protect your ride.


Promote Bicycle Registration

The goal of promoting bicycle registration is to increase the chances of stolen bikes being recovered and returned to their rightful owners, promoting bike security and reducing theft.


It sucks when your bicycle gets stolen

Having your bicycle stolen can be a frustrating and heartbreaking experience. Not only do you lose a valuable mode of transportation, but also the financial investment and sentimental attachment to your bike. Additionally, bike theft can have a negative impact on your mental health and well-being, causing feelings of vulnerability and anxiety. It is important to take measures to prevent bike theft and ensure bike security.


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